How to Support Small Businesses without Spending a Dime

We get it, it’s tough out there. With everything going on in the world, customers might not be able to spend money. BUT, there are things you can share with your customers or clients that will support your business without spending a dime.

Read Your Social Posts

Anytime any current or potential customer spends time reading/viewing your social content is great for you. Current algorithms give more reach to content that have been lingered on longer, so the more people actually spend time with your content the more potential customers you can reach!

Like or Love Your Social Posts

A little bit of love goes a long way. Similar to when a current or potential customer spends time with your content, you have the potential to get much more reach on the post they like or love and even the rest of your content your produce. When customers like or love your content, this signals to the social media algorithms that your content is good and engaging and again, they show your content to more potential customers than if no one likes or loved your post.

Comment on Your Social Posts

Not to be forgetting about is comments! Comments, engagement and interaction on a social posts, identify to the social media platforms algorithm that your content is liked and causing more people to stay on their platforms longer (which is something they want). So, they give content that has a lot of engagement from other users more reach in hopes of creating more comments and time spent on their platform.

Save/Share Your Social Posts

Saves or Shares are a big deal. Save or shares are the biggest influencers in letting the social media platforms algorithms know that your content is important and should be shown to more people. So don’t be shy about asking your customers to engage with your content and save or share it, it will support your content to be able to be seen by much more potential customers.

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